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Behavioural Interventions

Our team of behavioural scientists and designers work closely with the NHS, the public and the Behavioural Insights Team to influence behaviour so that individuals are more inclined to make healthy choices. We use scientific frameworks about human behaviour and methods such as nudges, role modelling, and gamification across a portfolio of work. Our projects have included increasing cancer screening and vaccination uptake through designing better and more targeted letters and reminders, improving patient safety through habits of healthcare professionals, and supporting staff and patients to embrace new technologies.

A recent project aimed to improve hand hygiene practice on inpatient wards. This was in response to increased reliance on glove usage during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a need to return to “normal”. We worked closely with healthcare professionals to gather insights and co-design a set of stickers aimed at nudging staff to wash their hands. Our intervention incorporated the patient's voice, and resulted in an improvement in hand hygiene compliance.

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