design in healthcare

We are an innovation lab working at the heart of healthcare.

We are an innovation lab working at the heart of healthcare.

In fact our studio sits within a major NHS Trust in London, giving us unparalleled access to patients, clinicians and staff

We translate research into products that improve health outcomes

Our work includes Helix Lab, a portfolio of healthcare innovation projects, and the Design Strategy Team, who help other teams apply our methods.

Hark clinical decisions support

Featured project: Hark: a clinical communication platform

This app was developed to help hospital teams manage tasks and patients more efficiently and safely. Hark was acquired by Google DeepMind.

"Helix is unique in combining the creativity of a digital studio and academic rigour of a clinical research lab with unparalleled access to the frontline of healthcare."

Daniel Dickens, MD of Helix Centre

Meet the team

Meet the rest of the team

Our funders

Our work relies on funding from a range of funders across UK Research and Innovation, grants from healthcare innovation funds, and generous philanthropic donations.

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Latest: In Drawing on Your Own Experience, Matthew Harrison describes a workshop Helix delivered at the Wellcome Collection as part of the events program accompanying the exhibition - Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?

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