• Asthma is all about control

    There are many factors that contribute to the high numbers of avoidable hospital admissions and deaths. One important measurement, often underreported by asthmatic children is peak flow. Peak flow, measured with a ubiquitous peak flow meter, is a measure of peak lung exhalation rate, a good indicator for how blocked up lungs are. Through our research, we discovered that the peak flow meter, along with an asthma action plan, were infrequently used by children because they simply weren't engaging. By reframing the tools, we could better understand kids' lung function and the triggers that lead to frightening, dangerous and costly asthma attacks.

    The aim of this project is to focus on the needs of young children in providing suitably designed tools to help them and their parents’ monitor and manage their condition.

  • ​The solution

    With a gamified smartphone app and an input from a peak flow meter we can engage kids enough to repeatedly want to record their peak flow. The product is simple to use, fun to engage with and minimises the stigma associated with managing asthma in public.