touchdose label on syringe

The TouchDose Study - data collection (draft)

As part of the study we will record the medication given and details of how it was given so you may see a research nurse at the bedside. Information on the child including, age, weight, name and hospital ID number will also be captured. This data helps the researchers determine how well clinicians are able to use the intervention, and if there were any types of prescription that caused challenges in comparison to the established methods of prescribing and administering medications. The table below shows the patient specific information that we will be collecting during the study.

Data Explanation
Patient name / initials To cross check use of app with drugs prescribed
NHS ID To confirm patient identification
Date of birth To determine age of child
Weight To check accuracy of weight based prescriptions
Body surface area, if required To check accuracy of medication given based on body surface area
Patient height (length), if required To check accuracy of medication given based on body length
Drug name The medication prescribed and given
Dose The amount of medication given
Route Whether given intravenously (IV), Intramuscularly (IM) or subcutaneously (SC)
Method Whether given as an injection, infusion, continuous infusion or titrated injection
Indication The reason for giving the medication.
Frequency How often and when the medication is given.

Details of the medication order and on how the order was prepared and administered by the clinicians will also be collected.

The information will be securely transferred and stored. Any analysis and public reporting will only use anonymized information. The name, hospital ID number or other personal details of the child will only be available to NHS medical staff who should have access and will be kept strictly confidential. Personal details are needed for the app to function and create personalised medication guidance.

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