Can of worms: Immersive exhibit explores the complexity of sharing patient data

Would you share your medical information to help improve standards of healthcare?

How do we get the balance right between protecting people’s privacy and making healthcare better?

Lifting the lid on healthcare data sharing

Talking about healthcare data is complicated and messy — like opening a can of worms — and can raise difficult questions. So to tackle subjects like these, the Helix Centre is running a free, public exhibition from Thursday 29 November to Sunday 2 December in their studio at St Mary’s Hospital.

Lifting the lid on healthcare data sharing

Through storytelling and playful discovery, this interactive event captures the complexity of sharing health data and sparks informed conversations. Hosted in partnership with the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London, the event will give visitors the chance to consider the complexities associated with sharing healthcare data.

What are the benefits and risks of sharing data?

View the 'Cans of Worms' website here - www.datacanofworms.co.uk

Event details

The exhibition is free and open to the public, running from Thursday 29th November to Sunday 2nd December 2018 at the Helix Centre pop-up studio, St. Mary’s Hospital, from 11:00am until 8:00pm (until 5:00pm on Sunday).

The event is being sponsored by National Institute for Health Research, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, DeepMind Health, NHS Digital, NHS England, Understanding Patient Data, The British Heart Foundation and Reform.

Photo of exhibition

Written by Justine Alford, from Imperial College London website