• The situation

    The Liverpool Care Pathway, a controversial protocol for clinicians to provide care to patients believed to be in their last days and hours of life, was phased out in July 2014. The medical profession generally regarded the LCP as a good way to provide for a good death, with dignity and comfort. However the LCP was heavily criticised in the popular press, and there were some cases of bad communication with families and loved ones.

    The Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People, from 21 organisations, has written new guidance for clinicians to help preserve the provision of dignified and good quality deaths. HELIX was asked to use design to help communicate this guidance to clinicians in a useful and practical way, but in a manner that is not a protocol or pathway.

  • "The style and design are first class. The new version is certainly effective at promoting the five key principles of care"

    Alliance representative, Macmillan Cancer Support

  • Our Solution

    HELIX produced a portfolio of communication products, including a strong, clean and simple visual identity, using appropriate formats to present the guidance to clinicians on the front line, including posters, leaflets and apps. Simplicity, clarity and accessibility were central to the presentation.

    A circular graphic was developed to enforce the idea that end-of-life care should be an iterative and reflective practice and not a one-way 'pathway'.

    The resulting guideline have nationwide distribution and are made available through the NHS IQ website.