• Tackling obesity without talking about obesity

    According to the London Health Commission, London is currently the worst capital city on record for childhood obesity.

    Helix has explored ways to promote physical activity through informal, low-cost, sociable and fun ways to children. We have targeted children aged 9 to 13, an age range where there is a lot of change in their lives, including puberty and new schools. We have created a card game, Zilli, where participants set each other physical challenges to be acted out in a light-hearted and amusing manner. The funnier you are through your physical activity the further you progress to winning the game. The card game is competitive, but not in the traditional sense of established sports; it combines physical activity with wit, imagination and humour. We believe the game will appeal to groups of peers and families alike, and will offer an alternative form of ad-hoc exercise with broad appeal.

  • Kickstarter

    Helix tested the market using Kickstarter and successfully funded the first print run to the tune of £6,000. The campaign helped us improve the product through conversation with our backers.