• Help us improve the way we deliver stroke rehabilitation services for the arm.


    We are looking for people who had stroke or who have been involved in the care of someone who had a stroke and have been involved in arm rehabilitation.


    A 45’ to 1h conversation arranged at your convenience, in person or via Skype/phone.


    We want to identify ways of delivering more effective and engaging therapies that benefit patients and professionals. Talking to people will help us understand the physical, cognitive and emotional needs of stroke survivors and their carers.

  • What will we talk about?

    The conversation will be mainly about your experience as someone involved in upper-limb rehabilitation, we will touch on subjects like:

    •  How has your life changed after the stroke?

    •  How does rehabilitation fit in your daily life?

    •  Who has been involved in your rehabilitation?

    •  How has your arm changed with rehabilitation?

    •  What are the positive and negative aspects of rehab?

    Your privacy is really important to us, all your answers will be anonymised and no personal or medical information will be shared outside our conversation.

  • Contact

    To get involved or for any questions, please contact: 

    Ella Gibbs, Lead Physiotherapist on this study 


    Who are we?

    Helix is a healthcare design & innovation lab in St. Mary's Hospital in London. We are working closely with NHS acute and community hospitals to improve stroke rehabilitation.


  • You can also help us by completing an on-line survey following this link: