• Drawing on Your Own Experience at Wellcome Collection

    When you only have 10 minutes with your doctor, how do you tell the whole story of your health? Could graphic design and technology help? 

    Helix Centre designers and clinicians led two workshops at the Wellcome Collection to explore how our medical histories could be visualised and shared with healthcare professionals.

  • Can Graphic Design save your life? — The answer to this question posed by a major exhibition at the Wellcome Collection is yes, In so many ways! Whether it is the effectiveness of a campaign to stop you smoking, the clarity of communication of vital clinical information, or the visual mapping of a cholera outbreak in Victorian London. 

    The Helix Centre was approached by the Wellcome Collection to contribute to the programme of live events accompanying their exhibition "Can Graphic Design Save You Life?". On an inspiration gathering mission to the show we were particularly struck by an exhibit that depicted how people had responded to being asked to draw their pain. Graphic designer Yin You had superimposed different people’s responses to create incredibly powerful images that reflect experiences of different symptoms from headache to flu, and this got us thinking about clinician-patient communication in the digital age…

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