• NHS Innovation Challenge award for our upper limb rehab concept

    In January Helix won an NHS Innovation Challenge award for our upper limb rehab concept, called Bauble.

    Bauble is an engaging platform for upper limb rehab for stroke patients and children with hemiplegia. Each year in the UK, there are more than 100,000 strokes, with a cost to the health system of £7bn. More than 900,000 adults in the UK have had a stroke, and more than 10,000 children have hemiplegia.

  • Project in progress: Bauble

    Stroke and hemiplegia patients with upper limb (arm) weakness require frequent, repetitive physiotherapy and occupational therapy to regain mobility. At the moment, rehab consists of either low-cost/low-tech solutions such as wooden blocks, building blocks, and putty exercises, or very expensive, high-tech robotic video games that are hard for patients to access.

    Upper limb rehab is based on principles of neuroplasticity – after a stroke or brain trauma, the brain is plastic and can re-map functions from a damaged to an undamaged part of the brain. This re-mapping, however, takes time and patience. Studies have shown that rehab is most effective when patients complete hundreds of repetitions each day. In the UK, the average patient completes only 30 repetitions per rehab session.